• 50 Something

    50 Something

    50 Something guy figuring his way along in life as he embraces and accepts the changes life throws his way. Avid reader, struggling writer.

  • Andrea Macaluso

    Andrea Macaluso

    My thing?...I love to learn about the Who What Why Where When & How of everything and anything. Does that narrow it down for you?

  • Sainath Deshpande

    Sainath Deshpande

    Software tester by profession. Tech enthusiast.

  • Scott Michael Wright

    Scott Michael Wright

  • Brian Fehler

    Brian Fehler

    [Taking a little break!] Storyteller/Scholar/Rhetorician Twitter: @brianfehler (He/Him)

  • Shohag Hossen

    Shohag Hossen

  • Dascha Paylor

    Dascha Paylor

    Writer, Editor, Physician, Life Coach. Also Mom, Grandma, and crazy dog Mom. My pronouns are she/her. Find more stories at https://daschapaylorauthor.com/.

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